Below are a collection of utilities with no particular theme. These are intended to accomplish some sort of functional purpose. I hope you find something useful.

Generate secure passwords in style. Several settings are available to fine tune the passwords you generate.
Create your own digital flash cards with text and images. Many useful features for effective studying and practice!
Easy-to-use online 4x5 quarter fold greeting card creator.
A Chrome Extension which is a collection of simple website plugins for a wide variety of purposes, all in one place. Each plugin does exactly what it says and nothing more. Simplicity is key.
Set a timer for a random number of seconds with a designated range. Great for games that need random timers.
Protect your email links on your website. Instead of posting your email in plaintext and getting spammed, you can use a tool to make your email more difficult to obtain by a spam bot. Most tools just encode your email in text. Mine encodes it in an image which adds another layer of security. Try it out and let me know what you think!
An updated version of Nick Morgan's 6502 Assembler/Simulator in JavaScript. 6502 was a popular processor in the 70's and 80's and was used to power famous computers such as the BBC Micro, Atari 2600, Commodore 64, Apple II, and the Nintendo Entertainment System. It is a much simpler language than x86 for those looking to get started with learning assembly code.
Paste a snippet of code to identify what programming language it likely is. The code will then be color coded and formatted in the target language's style.
A simple, full-screen clock that clearly displays the current time. Large, clean display with high contrast. One simple setting to show/hide seconds. Great for when you want to have a large digital clock to view at quick glance.
A Chrome Extension which highlights posts on Reddit which you haven't seen yet. Once highlighted, it'll remember what you've seen and not highlight those again. You can even customize the highlight color to give it your own personal touch. A simple Reddit Enhancement that you'll wonder how you ever lived without.
A simple JavaScript image comparison library. Use this library to create a slider on your website to compare two images on top of each other. Perfect for before/after photos. Very simple to use with no coding required. Click on the link to view the documentation and check out the demo.
LDOM is a Lightweight DOM manipulation library. It is intended to replace jQuery for simpler tasks and features a significantly smaller package size and simpler codebase. If you are a web developer I'd encourage you to try it and let me know what you think.
This vanilla mod adds an economy to your single player Minecraft world. Using a special book in your inventory, you can buy and sell items for coins. This is fully customizable so you can design the Shop Book to whatever works the best for you.
Watch as the irrational number PI is calculated right before your eyes. Created in celebration of PI day. (March 14th)
Personal Cloud Storage System (similar to Dropbox or Google Drive). Set up your own account and pay for exactly what you use. Extremely affordable for the average user. The Setup Instructions explain the pricing structure along with the account creation process.
The Python source code is freely available to modify and use under the MIT License. If you make something cool with it, send me a message and let me know!
WordPress allows you to export your blog in XML format. This is very hard for a human to read, but all of your blog posts are in that one file. Use my program to easily view all of your blog posts in a readable format.
A bookmarklet is a script that you can save as a bookmark in your web browser. Then when you click on the bookmark, instead of going to a different page, you'll run that script on the current page. Visit my bookmarklets page to see what I've made.