Email Obfuscator

Why do you need my Email Obfuscator?

Most spam bots look for emails on websites by searching for @ or mailto:. To combat this, clever programmers have been finding more complicated ways to hide emails. Most try to encode the email in a basic text cipher. This is incredibly easy to solve but it relies on the bot not running JavaScript code. In the past, this was prohibitively difficult to do at scale, but is getting increasingly easy for spammers to do.

My Email Obfuscator takes the tried and true methods one step further. All of your data is encoded in an image. This relies on a bot not only visiting your website, but downloading images AND running code. This makes the task much more difficult for bots and therefore will protect your email better than other tools.
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Announcement: The previous version of this tool was created before Canvas Anti-Fingerprinting techniques were implemented by browsers. If you used this tool prior to November 25, 2023, you should regenerate your email link with the latest version below to ensure it supports privacy preserving browsers.


  1. Enter your email below and click "Encode Email"
  2. Copy the output code into your HTML document where you want the email link to go.
  3. Click "Download Email Image"
  4. Upload that image you just downloaded (do not rename) to the same folder as the HTML document which includes the email link. This will only work when hosted on a webserver. This will not work from a local html file.
  5. You can even style the resulting link by targeting the .email-link CSS class.

Output Code:

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