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All of these games can be played right here in your web browser, no downloading required. The games that are tagged as Mobile Friendly can be played on your phone.

These are in order of most recent.

WordCraft Screenshot


Catch falling letters. Make words. Earn points. A new twist on the classic word game. 100 letters will fall—bouncing between dozens of pegs—as you catch the ones you want to make a word. An exciting challenge that is deceivingly simple.

Play in your browser here!

Paintball Challenge Screenshot

Paintball Challenge

3D Paintball Challenge. Stand in an empty room and shoot your gun at the targets floating around. How many can you hit before the time runs out?

Play in your browser here!
Mobile Friendly

Four in a Row Screenshot

Four in a Row

Play the classic two player strategy game with full customizability. Pass and play with your friends on one device. Customize the game board, rules, colors, everything!

Play in your browser here!
Mobile Friendly

Free Fall Screenshot

Free Fall

Fall from the sky while avoiding debris that you fall past. See how long you can survive.

Play in your browser here!
Mobile Friendly

Orb Revolution Screenshot

Orb Revolution

Test your reflexes by stopping the crosshairs on the colored lines. But there is a twist. The lines are on a 3D orb that is spinning in space. Try for your high score in 60 seconds!

Play in your browser here!
Mobile Friendly

Geo Trader Screenshot

Geo Trader

Travel around the galaxy trading geometric shapes with the Cartesians. Earn Geos and use them to upgrade your ship. With enough Geos you can buy a thruster to fly home.

Play in your browser here!

Space Race Screenshot

Space Race

1st place - 2016 Game Design Competition
Race through space to save the world. In this classic space shooter, you must survive asteroid belts, enemy space ships and finally, an epic boss. Earn points by evaporating enemies and compete against the world for a place on the Global High Scores.

Play in your browser here!

Late Screenshot


Oh no! You overslept and the school bus is about to leave! Quickly collect all of your things for the day and get out the door. Can you complete all of your tasks so you are not late?
This was a 12-hour game for a college Game Jam.

Play in your browser here!

Free Bacon Screenshot

Free Bacon

Pigs and guns; sounds like a good time. Come on down to Free Bacon where your marksman skills are put to the test against waves of pigs flying through the air. When you kill a pig, it explodes into nice crispy bacon pieces and you accumulate bacon points. Then, spend your bacon in the shop for new guns and ammo to take on the next wave of pigs.

Play in your browser here!

Lobber Screenshot


Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades. So why not play with bombs? In Lobber you must quickly throw a lit bomb into a bucket. When the bomb explodes, you are awarded points based on how close you were. If you are able to land the bomb in the bucket, you will earn bonus points. With the use of my own physics engine, lob and bounce the bombs to victory!

Play in your browser here!

Splatter Screenshot


Ever since I first started making games, my goal was to make a multiplayer game. I finally made one. You compete against a friend to splatter your color on the board. Each time you click in the box you will put a circle of your color. Once the board is completely filled with colors, whichever player's color dominates the board wins.
Unfortunately the technology that I used to make this isn't widely supported and can only work in a few browsers. It also has some occasional problems so I wouldn't suggest betting against your friends with this game.

Play in your browser here!

Spot the Spot Screenshot

Spot the Spot

This is a very unique game. Instead of playing a game in a window, the game is the window. You will need to resize your Internet browser to find the spot. Once you get the horizontal and vertical size of your browser correct, the spot will appear. See how many times you can spot the spot before the time runs out.

Play in your browser here!

Planter's Progress Screenshot

Planter's Progress

This is what I would call a management game. Unlike many farming games and apps in particular, Planter's Progress does not hold your hand. You have to read the information card about each of the crops that you are going to plant. Be sure that you plant your crops in the correct season and beware of the nutrients that each crop needs. When it comes time to harvest, you will need to do so quickly before it's too late and your crops die. Make money with your crops to buy more land plots and eventually own the farm. There are countless strategies to use in this game and always a way to improve.

Play in your browser here!
Mobile Friendly

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