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Below are miscellaneous programs and utilities with no particular theme.

Random Timer: Set a timer for a random number of seconds with a designated range. Great for games that need random timers.
Google Docs Colorize Add-on: This is a Google Doc Add-on which will change every character in your entire document to random colors. Not useful for anything, but a fun utility to mess around with nonetheless.
SK Drive: Personal Cloud Storage System (similar to Dropbox or Google Drive). Set up your own account and pay for exactly what you use. Written in Python with full source code available. Works out of the box but feel free to build on the existing system to customize it to your liking.
Coming Soon!
Multi-Element Auto Click: This bookmarklet allows you to select multiple elements in your browser to automatically click at a set rate. You can choose an exact "clicks per second" for each element and select as many elements as you would like. Once you are done selecting them all, press ESC to lock it in and they'll all begin. The program will keep clicking on those elements until the browser tab is closed or the page is changed/reloaded.
To use, drag the "Multi-Element Auto Click" link to your bookmarks bar. Once you are on your desired page, click that bookmark link and it'll start the element selector.
Code Detector & Formatter: Paste a snippet of code to identify what programming language it likely is. The code will then be color coded and formatted in the target language's style.
CTG Plugins: A Chrome Extension which is a collection of simple website plugins for a wide variety of purposes, all in one place. Each plugin does exactly what it says and nothing more. Simplicity is key.
6502 Simulator: An updated version of Nick Morgan's 6502 Assembler/Simulator in JavaScript. 6502 was a popular processor in the 70's and 80's and was used to power famous computers such as the BBC Micro, Atari 2600, Commodore 64, Apple II, and the Nintendo Entertainment System. It is a much simpler language than x86 for those looking to get started with learning assembly code.
Multi Monitor Window Position Restore: Windows has had an issue for many years that causes programs to rearrange after a computer with multiple monitors goes to sleep. This program fixes that problem by saving and recovering the position of all of your programs after periods of inactivity.
CM Devastator Keyboard Lights: This program is specifically to solve a problem with Cooler Master Devastator Keyboards. The backlight for the keyboard is only on when the Scroll Lock key is on. This program changes the backlight toggle to the context menu key (next to RCtrl) and lets Scroll Lock be turned on and off normally. The scroll lock indicator light on the keyboard will always be on as long as the keyboard backlight is on (regardless of if scroll lock is actually on) as that is how the keyboard works.
Mouse Remap - Copy-Paste: This program changes the function of the Page Forward and Page Back buttons on the side of your mouse to Copy(Ctrl+C)/Paste(Ctrl+V). (Note: Not all mice have these buttons. Also, only one Mouse Remap may be active at a time.)
Mouse Remap - Volume: This program changes the function of the Page Forward and Page Back buttons on the side of your mouse to Volume Up/Down. (Note: Not all mice have these buttons. Also, only one Mouse Remap may be active at a time.)
Password Generator: Generate secure passwords in style. Several settings are available to fine tune the passwords you generate.
Minecraft Shop Book: This vanilla mod adds an economy to your single player Minecraft world. Using a special book in your inventory, you can buy and sell items for coins. This is fully customizable so you can design the Shop Book to whatever works the best for you.
PI Calculator: Watch as the irrational number PI is calculated right before your eyes. Created in celebration of PI day. (March 14th)
WordPress XML Viewer: WordPress allows you to export your blog in XML format. This is very hard for a human to read, but all of your blog posts are in that one file. Use my program to easily view all of your blog posts in a readable format.
Greeting Card Creator: Easy to use online 4x5 quarter fold greeting card creator.

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