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Below are miscellaneous games and interactive experiences that don't fit in the other categories of my website. Some of these may get their own category in the future as I make more programs. For now, they will live here.

Hashtag Rental Game Screenshot

Hashtag Rental Game

Find trending Hashtags from Twitter. Rent popular Hashtags. Whenever that Hashtag is used, you'll earn points. Compete against your friends and the world on the high scores.
This is a unique idle/strategy game that uses real time Tweets to earn you points. Do you know what's trending?

Check it out here!
Free iOS/Android

Rainbow Rollover Screenshot

Rainbow Rollover

Unique interactive art piece. Move your mouse across the colored squares to change their color. Inspired by modern art museums.

Check it out here!

Chromaflow Screenshot


Kick back and relax. Play around with colorful particles as gravity pulls them towards your mouse.

Check it out here!

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