By: Jason O'Neill

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  • You have been hired to manage the crops on this farm.
  • Click on the empty plots to plant seeds. The Seed Shop will appear. Click on the different crops to view details.
  • To be the most effective planter, you need to plant the correct crop for the season.
  • Each crop needs a certain type of soil nutrients. If you plant two crops back to back that need the same type of nutrient, your harvest size will be decreased.
  • Harvest your crops as soon as they are ready. Simply click on your crop to harvest.
  • As you earn more money, you can buy more plots of land. If you are successful, you may be able to buy the whole farm.
This game autosaves every few seconds. When you come back to this page, you can resume where you left off.
Reset: Reset Game, Reset Best Time

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