How to Play
  • Rent popular Hashtags from Twitter. Earn points each time that Hashtag is used.
  • Redeem your points when the rental time is complete.
  • Level up and compete on the High Scores

How do I earn xp?
When you redeem a Hashtag rental, those points get added to your account and you get experience equal to the points earned.

What happens when I level up?
As you level up, you will unlock the ability to rent Hashtags for longer durations, unlock more rental slots, and unlock new app themes.

I rented a Hashtag and it's not earning a lot of points. Is there a way I can undo it?
At anytime, you can use one of your Cancel Tokens to instantly cancel a rental. Then you will be able to redeem that Hashtag for the points that it has already earned.

How do I get Cancel Tokens?
Everyone starts out with 2 Cancel Tokens. More can be earned at certain levels, by inviting friends to play, and by buying them with an In-App Purchase.

Does Hashtag Rental Game check every tweet for Hashtags?
No. The data is calculated from a random sample of tweets.

How many people can I add to my Private High Scores Group?
You can have up to 10 people including yourself.

How long do I have to wait to rent a Hashtag again?
You have to wait 7 days from the time your rental is done to rent the same Hashtag again.

Can a Hashtag Rental earn zero points?
No. On top of the points earned for each time the Hashtag is used on Twitter, you also earn a small amount of points throughout the duration of the rental.

Why has one of my Hashtags disappeared?
Once your Hashtag is ready to redeem, if you do not redeem your points within 24 hours, it will expire.

How are the Points Per Tweet calculated?
There are three factors:
  • The shorter duration you rent it for, the more Points Per Tweet you will receive.
  • If the Hashtag earned a Trend Starter bonus, it will receive a multiplier on the Points Per Tweet.
  • If you rented that Hashtag when your Daily Bonus was ready, it will receive another multiplier.

How do I get a Trend Starter bonus?
If you are among the first few people to rent a particular Hashtag, you are awarded a multiplier.

Why do I need to log in with Twitter?
Hashtag Rental Game is tightly integrated with Twitter. The only information that is stored is your username and Twitter ID. This is used to verify you are the owner of your Twitter account. By doing so, it allows you to find other players by their Twitter username and add them to your Private High Scores Group. Along with this, when you earn enough points to be on the Top 10 Global High Scores, your username is displayed. We wouldn't want people being able to claim that they are someone else on Twitter.

Who created Hashtag Rental Game?
Hi! My name is Jason O'Neill. I am an independent developer and a college student from California, USA.

Copyright Jason O'Neill