Minecraft Shop Book Creator

Compatible with Minecraft 1.11+

This vanilla mod adds an economy to your single player world. Using a special book in your inventory, you can buy and sell items for coins while in the overworld. No need to go to a location with all of the command blocks; the entire shop fits in your pocket. This is fully customizable so you can design the Shop Book to whatever works the best for you.

The Sell and Buy shop can each have 1-12 rows.
Every row must have the following:
Description: The display text in the shop (ex: 8 Iron Ingots)
Price: The total cost of the items; must be a whole number 1 or more (ex: 25)
Quantity: Number of items; must be a whole number 1 or more (ex: 8)
Minecraft Item ID: ID of the item in the shop (ex: minecraft:iron_ingot)
Must be the exact Minecraft format: Block IDs and Item IDs
Optional Parameters:
Damage Value (aka Data Value): A number to identify a specific type of item; defaults to 0
Must be the exact Minecraft format: here
Data Tags (aka NBT Data): A set of IDs and values to set custom data
Must be the exact Minecraft format: here
Empty or Invalid rows are ignored when you publish your book.
When you are done, click "Publish Shop Book" at the bottom of the page and you will be redirected to your own Shop Book's link. Then you can send that link to your friends so that they can use your Shop Book!

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