Minecraft Shop Book Creator

Compatible with Minecraft 1.11+

This vanilla mod adds an economy to your single player world. Using a special book in your inventory, you can buy and sell items for coins while in the overworld. No need to go to a location with all of the command blocks; the entire shop fits in your pocket. This is fully customizable so you can design the Shop Book to whatever works the best for you.

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Shop Book Contents
Sell Shop Buy Shop

Installation Instructions

1) Create a new Minecraft World in Creative Mode.
2) Stay in your spawn chunks (the location where you start the world).
3) Give yourself a command block and button.
"/give @p command_block"and"/give @p stone_button"
4) Place the command block down and put the button on the side of the command block.
5) Be sure that there are a few blocks of air space above the command block.
6) Copy and paste Command Part 1 in the block and press the button.
7) Copy and paste Command Part 2 in the block and press the button.
8) Change your game mode to survival.
"/gamemode survival"
9) Done!

Note: Advanced players can install this in an existing world if they go to their spawn chunks. The command blocks will be installed at the bottom of your world to reduce the chance of it removing something you've built.
Command Part 1/2

Command Part 2/2

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