Minecraft Shop Book Creator

Compatible with Minecraft 1.11+

This vanilla mod adds an economy to your single player world. Using a special book in your inventory, you can buy and sell items for coins while in the overworld. No need to go to a location with all of the command blocks; the entire shop fits in your pocket. This is fully customizable so you can design the Shop Book to whatever works the best for you.

Simply fill out the different fields for each row and then click a button to create your book. Making a basic Shop Book is about as easy as using commands in Minecraft. You also have the option to write full custom commands to be able to buy more than just items (such as buying teleport waypoints or super horses).

When you create a Shop Book, you will be given a link to your book. You can share the link with your friends so that they can use your Shop Book also. The installation instructions will also be on the book page. Anyone can make their own Shop Book by editing an existing one or starting from scratch.

Example Shop Book - Sell Example Shop Book - Buy
Book Lookup:
Below are some existing books for you to use (theme listed):

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